Off with our heads

There can never be any doubt that freedom is something we must fight for everyday of our lives and not for us but our children and grandchildren.To think that it will not be striped away is to be stupid for they are trying to do just that everyday we wake up and even when we sleep, These  are the ones who say they are in control but thankfully for us there is a resistance growing in the free world of the internet with the groups “Anonymous and LulzSec” who although may seem bad only want the freedom we all enjoy. The truth is that we all have fell asleep for a short time and forgot what we had in the world. Now there is evil powers at work to destroy and control everything. When a Harvard University study shows that pot oil stops or even cures cancer why is it not used for that ? Why are they working on stopping the free transfer on information to all under the protect IP act this is complete control of everything we do in the world. There is more oil in the US then in any other part of the world yet the deal that oil companies struck with OPEC said they would not touch it until theirs ran out. These are not the only things that they do in the world for they tell us lies about global warming and that GMO foods are safe and cancer is not a virus or that you can only take their treatment for it and I for one will never accept this as a fact or truth for I know that it is fiction. People it is the oil of the USA not an oil company or person or am I the only one who sees this. WAKE UP PEOPLE. We are the power of the world and there are seven billion of us and only a hundred or so of them do I need to make a list for everyone so we know who to get and bring to justice or is everyone just too scared to say anything to them.Will you say something to them when they start shooting people on the street  oh wait they already have, how about when they arrest people for talking, oh wait they are doing that too. Maybe when they take and put guns in our sides and tell us to load up on the trains we will say something or maybe when they start cutting off our heads maybe then we will stand up and say I object to this, well you know what, it will be too late at that point so maybe we should start doing something now.Or option b. as I call it let us make peace with God and Jesus and get ready to get our heads cut off.Just my opinion and I can have it for now.

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