Reality check

People do not have to believe what I believe for my beliefs do not require it at all.The very notion that two people think alike is to be ludicrous and foolish at the same time.Why bother when you all know that it can not the same thing as I know to be.This all comes from the whole notion that my perceived reality is the same as yours which it maybe or it may not be but does it really matter if it does not? Will you alter your perceptions based on a few words or will you alter them based on research and knowledge.I always base my reality on fact and faith where you can point to things that are real and beliefs that are of this plane or reality.If you were to think long enough and hard enough you would realize that life, sight, sound all are but matter in motion and once you get to that point you can only come to the most basic of idea’s in that “I think therefore I am” quote  René Descartes so if I think and I know that all think then my perceived reality is flawed as I have become trapped in a reality that is not of my free will as told in the bible I was given.So if I am not in control of my plane of existence who or what is? How do I get  away from this “place” so to speak? Is there a single person to hold accountable for this or not? Why does everyone talk about nothing and think they are? These are good questions and I will try to answer them the best that I can.The things that control our reality are not of this world but are things we know they are evil and Satan or negative energy however you wish to look at it. The fact is you never need to get away from any of it just do not let it control you by a number of ways such as cutting off its supply of energy,stave it out so to speak. There are people who are at the top but the one who controls it is not of our world so ditch that idea and cut off its supply of power. People are in a hypnotic trans and until they are awaken they will do this once they wake up they come to realize that they were in an awake comma. At one time you were probably asleep until someone or something woke you up remember the more that know there is something wrong the more who will join us in our fight to take back the world. We will not need weapons or violence to win we will be able to do it with just love and peace in our hearts.

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