Fact Fiction or Faith

The world is a very strange place to say the least. Threats of nuclear wars, foods that cause sterility,drugs in the water supply just to name a few.So I think it time to talk about fact, fiction, or faith. let us see what Mr. Webster said about those words:

Fact: a thing done

Fiction:: something invented by the imagination or feigned

Faith: firm belief in something for which there is no proof

With this said to believe in God you need “faith” although you may get proof everyday.Things that you personal do or see for the most part are fact and most other things are fiction.Why would I bring this up you may be asking yourselves, well that is simple I get confronted on a daily basis about things that are based on either fact or fiction.They would like nothing better than to find fault in everything I do. I have a secret though there is no fault in just talking just words. It is what these words imply makes a difference.The thoughts that they provoke in someones mind, the light that gets tuned on in your brain. They would like nothing better than to see it stop.It is a twenty-four seven job rebuilding things where they destroy  them and I am too stupid not to. That is where my faith keeps me going that and your comments. I will never give up or give in for I am just getting warmed up.

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