Good News

With all the doom and gloom I have been talking about I thought it would be nice to talk about something good for a change.We all have seen the fiasco of the Iowa elections and it is wide out in the open for all to see “BUSTED”.The GMO food that are being shove down our throats got called out and we can hope good prevails.You all know that evil does not like our lord and savior Jesus Christ well in Nigeria they are kicking out all christens which proves there is a global agenda to rid the world of [sic] all God fearing people.You know I just have one thing to say on that subject and that is what if I do not want to die or leave what then what if God is not ready for me to die or leave what are you going to do then? People need to wake up to reality and get a grip on life. Schools are reprogramming our children to dispel any notion that there could be any thing but what they tell them but it does not always work as parents are alert to this action.

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