Defeating evil

When confronted with demons you first need to learn what their intentions are as to know what to do to fight them.Never think there are not evil demons in this world for there are and they mean to suck the very life essence out of you.  You can however talk and listen to find their true goals are.It will never be of the light but only of the dark and all they say will be lies not the truth. Remember that God and his Holy Spirit are with you and it said fear God and not evil for he has power over all that is and  will be and will come. Once you realize that evil has no control over you it is easy to overcome it. All that is bad in this world is rooted in evil and the devil so you are confronted with it daily but fear not for you should have God sealed in your head. Truth and the light conquer evil through prayer and love and peace (it can not stand peace for it love chaos).

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