God guide the ones who listen

A good thing the year is over.I have seen much this year as the ruling class have made their will known to all.Let you servants (how they look at us) do our will and destroy the world.That all we have and give it to us.We care not who makes the rules for we make our own rules. Conquer all and take all let no stone left standing and no one who believes left alive for they are a problem for us.We will collapse all and take over all and we care not.Be with us or against us as we see fit for you bow down to us and worship us as Gods.I warn you this is their plan not Our Father  in the Heavens and his son Jesus Christ for they say not to be fooled by it.Wake up and help all who are awake.Pool your talents as a team to be ready and know there is a bigger plan then they have.This plan is the one where God wins and we live in peace with the Devil lock away.Above all have faith and be with the Lord Jesus for you will have nothing to worry about.

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