The pursuit of happiness

Hello all
In this planet we live on in the detention or plane of existence we are in things can always be broken down into two distinct sections. Good as defined by Mr. Webster is:
a (1) : of a favorable character or tendency “good news” (2) : bountiful, fertile “good land” (3) : handsome, attractive good looks
Evil as he defined it:
a : morally reprehensible : sinful, wicked “an evil impulse”
b : arising from actual or imputed bad character or conduct “a person of evil reputation”
So why is this such a hard ting to understand about the world you are on one side or the other there are no to way’s about it.People who chose to live as the bible taught us are as a rule good and all other tend to be bad of lost.We should all try our best to show the lost the truth and never let the evil ones get to us for that is Satan’s plan.The fact that they are doing evil things to people is enough reason to know the God and Jesus are real.People who are good tend to never lie or cheat other people and only want what is good in life and most of all they do not want bad or evil things done to them.There is a grey area that is shrinking by the day but most of those people are evil and just will not admit it.

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