Living around stupid people

When you live around people who are not awake then you have to watch everything you do.They do not live in the world that we do but the world of the delusional.It is sad but true not everyone will wake up to the truth about what is happening or really care.Extra care need to be used when sealing with them as not to let them know what you are doing as we make plans for survival in the coming year.To think that they will not kill you and take everything you have is to be stupid.Notice to all my European followers you only have ten weeks left before total meltdown of your economy so get your stuff stored back soon.Turn extra euros into gold or silver while they have the market depressed  by flooding it with their stock piles. Tobacco and liqueur will also be good bartering tools.If you are not allowed guns in your area then go Indian on their ass with bows and arrows or swords or a good hunting knife if need be but do not think you will not need protection because the ones who did not wake up will see the reality of it all after the fact.Know who you can trust and work together with things and plans watch videos that will teach you things Pakalert Press has a good site for information so find out the best way to work with what you got.Above all always keep faith in the good Lord Jesus and his Father.

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