The box

When my son was younger I told him to think outside the box.It is a very common thing to say to a person who you wish to inspire.I then told him that he would first need to learn where the box was.He went to college and got a degree but later in life I have come to learn that the box has been changed distorted and folded as not to look like a box any more.It is not that people have not thought outside the box and learned wonderous things, it is that they are usualy killed for it or thrown in jail.To answer a few misconceptions yes you can run a car on water,yes there is a free energy device that does not break the laws of physics,and yes there is more oil then we could use in a thousand years.

So why you may ask these things are not heard about? Our owners do not want to lose control of us.Remember that some that has no value has no control.Also if you control something that everyone needs then you control everyone.It is that simple they (the elite)control all the oil and natural gas so they control the world.The way you stop it is two-fold one take it back from them.Two produce the other known way to give everyone the power to say” thanks, but no thanks”.A french man built a car that runs on compressed air they can not control air no more than water.That with out major change will not be unless we say STOP IT.

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