Money, Money, Money

Did you know that the best things in life are free. Yep, they do not cost anything at all.So if the best things are free why does everyone worry about money so much in life? I know that you have things you need to survive but what is up with all of the “keeping up with the whoever”.I do not need to have a new TV I do not believe what it said.So what is our preoccupation with all of you.Your time would be better spent with your children instead of them being under someone else’s control.They would have your values and beliefs in life then.If you break it down to what you need versus what you want there really is a big gap between the two.Ask God and Jesus what is the most important and they will let you know if you listen to them.Love of things is not what will get you through these times.Love of family and God will for they are what truly will stand with you no matter what.

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