Reality of events

Each person in the world has a perceived reality of events that surround them on a daily basis. This not to say that their reality is wrong or right just that it is theirs.I may look at something at the same time ass you and we would both have a different view of that event.It does not make me wrong or you as we both can be right and that is the most important thing.We as people need to look to the common things we agree on not the little things we don’t.In the end we will learn that good has a simple rule God and Jesus would approve of it.I know that in my blog entries I ramble on about this but it is the most important thing you need to grasp in life.God wants all of us to do what is right not what is wrong.We need to come together with a single goal of doing the right thing even though we may differ about our perceptions about advents.There is always common threads we agree on and that is what we need to follow not the little differences we have.

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