The china men

The things in life most important is ourselves and our families.There is no single thing anyone in the world could say to prove otherways except maybe love and dedication to Our father in the Heavens and his son Jesus,but even that is a personal choice for all because in the end there is the drive to protect your family as it should be.There are those in the world with more grandiose plans for all like the Asian people who would like nothing better than to just move into the cities and houses our sweat and hard work built.Just release some biological and chemical weapons kill off about sixty percent of us and start move the boats of new families who would then have their own servants to take care of their new-found glory. As far fetched as that may sound it is not out of the realm of possibilities for us in the USA  they feel a right to do so and if we were them we would too.See that is the true test of something is you feel if the shoes were swapped would you want to do it also.People are always going to follow a predictable pattern in life no matter where you or they may come from.The events that put people in this are usually of their own design and they can not blame others as it would mean they are faultless which we know to be a lie.No one is faultless in this world and everyone has something they may regret in life and the question is whether you choose to stand to the blow or fall down to your knees weeping.I choose death if it is the good lords wish and would stand there and let them know that I am not the one who did whatever but I will be the one who tries with every breath to stop it from happening even if means my life than so be it.

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