Worth fighting

There is some point to all of this when you have to fight the evil that surrounds us in our life.I know that I have a lot of reasons to stand up against those who wish harm to us.The fact that they think they will be able to bring down all of the people who believe in the Constitution of the United States as the rule of law is to be ignorant of people as a whole.We will never surrender and never give up to terrorist that call themselves saving us from ourselves. Note to the idiots in charge “I DO NOT NEED SAVING” quote me. Prepare for the worst have your emergency supplies  and needs and most of all make yourself right with Our Father In The Heavens and his son Jesus Christ for with that you have nothing to fear but with that said God did not stop them from throwing Daniel in to the lions den but did stop the lions from hurting him and that is what I say. Listen to your heart about thing it tells you you need and go to my preparation guide for insight.God Bless and never lose hope for he has never let his believers down.

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