The Big Picture

In life there is allot going on and at first glance it might seem stupid. There is where you sometimes need to step back and look at everything involved in it.There is more to all that goes on around us then the little peephole vision that we tend to look through.It is when you step back and see the overall picture that you understand what the big picture of life really is. Sometimes  or almost all the time it is not your or my free will that causes the problem but the free will of others that create ciaos in our life.Fear not for if you have God and Jesus sealed in your head you have nothing to fear as he will protect you from any bad that they try to send your way.Our government is real bad about distorting the facts or outright lie about things so to move their agenda forward and that is when it is real important to look at the big picture or just who gains what the most from it.  It is at this point that you have to ask yourselves what is really going on with the big picture for what man starts God will finish.

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