This life has hope

In our lives we have plenty to hope for and with good reason.The side that everyone is on is getting clearly defined for all to see.The grey spot in the middle is quickly going away.It is at that point that we will be able to know friend or foe as to defend ourselves or embrace the other person.After this then the battle lines will be drawn and if you read the book as I have we already know what they will be and where.God will let this take place as free will must be allowed to continue.When this happens the end will be at hand and I can not wait for that day,the day that we know not when but what.Jesus will come to rule for a thousand years and evil and Satan will be locked in a pit for that time.Love will be the driving force for all and good will will be the rule not the exception.Pray for this to come like a thief in the night as all of us that have God and Jesus locked in our heads will have nothing to worry about.

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