The Beginning

Every thing in life has a beginning and an end.That is just fact the only thing that has no time limit is Our Father In The Heavens.With that said there is but time on our side as we fight the evil that confronts us daily.To think that there is no hope is to be hopeless and that would be the same as defeat for us.We must never admit defeat for that would mean that evil wins and I read “the book”,good guys win in the end.Just remember that when confronted by evil with a no win situation in life there is always a way to win.The problem that most face is what is victory and what is defeat.Or as John F. Nash Jr liked to look at it there is at least a way for everyone to win a no win situation in life.Do not always look for the top prize but look for what Jesus has to offer.It is the best prize you can hope for in the end.

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