This may be off subject for some

Although some might find it hard to believe but there are forces at work who wish to tear down our country.That is no surprise but it is the people who are doing this that may surprise some it is the government that work for us.Note the term “work for us” for who they really work for is a select few who have money.It is because we fell asleep a few years ago and did not challenge the facts of it all.Slick Willy (submit any presidents name) talked the talk but could not walk the walk so to speak.It would be hard for us all to fix the problem right know if we where all on the same page but it is really going to be hard with only a select few of us who know the truth or as we that know say are you awake or just a sheepeople.God and Jesus teach us to love one another and respect all living things but these people can not even respect anyone or any life at all.Their opinion is at least ninety percent of us must die.Their weapons are cleaver they control the banks to control us in a sense we pay them to do it as sick as it sounds.Well comments are welcome to guide this journey we call life and me,

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