The facts of life

The fact that we all or at least most  of us think gives us the preclusion that we are contiguous.That is a profound statement  in its self.It would mean that we are aware of events that surround us and participate the end game of them.As I said a couple of years ago the results of the game may not be because of things we set into motion but others which we do not control.Their game may not be the same as ours but theirs,In the end it is all part of a grand plan that we do not control were we have free will and others have free will  it is a combination of both that make up our reality.I would not chose to drink and drive but the guy down the street may and I will pay the price for it.With compaction for all and thought out plans we would make the right choice for all but the devil would rather not see that happen as it makes his job easier to bring destruction to the world.Not peace and love as Our Father In The Heavens  would like to see with his son Jesus Christ. Remember that when you go to rush out the door the next time.We have forever not just a few minutes as the devil would have us believe.

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