Paradise on Earth

I being a person of this planet on the World we inhabit in an unremarkable solar system dwelling in a spiral galaxy have but a few notes I would like to pass along to everyone. The first of which is we are all humans above and beyond all else for there is no person better than the other, not through luck or provenance or chance, we are the same a body with a soul from  our Father in the Heavens. No person is entitled to any more than the other for we are equal in his eyes and different at the same time. There is no mystery in the universe we can not overcome given time for the combined power of all is far greater than the single or limited minds of a few. When love and compassion is the rule not hate and evil the way of the World would change, our priorities  would change. We would most probably choose to follow paths that turn our planet into paradise not a ruined heap as we are heading now. There have been people who were able to survive with just what this planet provides and flourisher while they were doing it. They would make derisions not in days or years but generations as we should do now for it at that point we will realize that there is no problem that hard to overcome but with a little faith and time. If we reach a point in this planets life without blowing it out of existents we should call ourselves lucky and be great full for that and fall to our knees and that GOD for that chance. Everything we say we need is not needed but for a little food to keep us alive all else is but padding for our lives and gets us no where.

So I say in closing we need to reset our goals from failed governments and laws to nature and it’s laws for it holds the last card not us.

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100 day run light off from 0.00025 Amps or .0026 watts at 21 LED load (more can be added)

With 21 LEDs with the lightsaver version 0.6b it draws 250 uA current that would be 100 days of service off a 9 volt battery. So the simple fact is regular lighting for less than a watt per day is here. With a 0.0026 watt draw it is very possible that a whole building of lights would run off a driveway LED for all day providing full energy needs of the lighting. This is a real thing that can be done with 6-7 volt 80 mA solar cell  you can run 30 lights of 200 – 500 lumen of light  so all buildings of the World were to adopt this light it would be the same as removing all the cars off the road in energy savingslight-saver-version-.06b (1)

Version 0.6b of driver where I have a 7 series X 5 wide LED matrix. No Earth ground is connected  to the circuit. with no 6.8 – 560 pf cap used and a 10000uf 25 volt on other with about a 3-5 M ohm resistor. T1  is 30 ga. bifilar wound  clockwise single layer over AM loopstick with 24 ga. bifilar  wound clockwise  both are top to bottom. To set the load take a breadboard and connect in series about 10 – 15 LEDs conect one end and go about 5 -7 LEDs and test for current it will drop when you have the direction and the proper load attached. Remember it is a big balancing act to get the load verses removal of the stored  EMF verses having to overcome the stored power by removing it thus lowering the operating cost ( energy ).

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More is less

In a recent project I found that a LED load that is too small your current will be higher. Example I put 3 white LEDs in series  and draw 1.5 mA current and change nothing but the load where you have 7 white LEDs in series and draw 150 uA a 10X reduction in current draw where you can see it clearly on a scope or current meter and it all goes back to vin verses vout and 3 LEDs are only 10 volts where you supply at 12.5 volts you must have less turns on the secondary so if you use the higher turn for the input coil then you get higher current pulse from the fall of the field.

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Tilting the scales

In life there are many things we all look to for guidance and hope but a lot are false or at best incorrect. It is not that all of us do not try but more that others try to deceive us or mislead us. They have no more reason than to cause chaos and disorder. It is what they do for living so too speak for this existence we are in or our reality is all we know but our vision is not their  vision and their vision means that we are but in their way. I choose to live and speak as a free man and even in the worst dictatorship in the world we all have that free will choice to even if it is death to do so. The one causing all of this will most times play both sides knowing they really do not care who wins for they have control of all involved in the process so it matters not the outcome, however there is a very few times when they can not control someone that it worries them to no end. Take the current election taking place in the United States for president the powers that be know they have no control over Donald Trump and it bothers them to the point that they are losing sleep and pouring billions of dollars to stop him from winning where he may do this or that one thing they know it will not be what they want but what he wants. The truth be known he would be more for the little people than any other for when you put more money in business and peoples hands they would grow the world and this country and the very notion that take from john and give to doe would do any more. The fact is that one person is paid for and owned by the ones in charge and the other could care less and the one paid for is the one who wants to take from john and the other guy want to take less. I could go on for hours but I will not but I will say the fact is you can not control some of us no matter who is in charge of this county or the world for we only answer to Our Father in the Heavens and no one else.

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The injustice system of energy

Can someone please explain to me why you can not have greater output than input because things I have done show me differently than that. When a circuit produces a reverse current flow what is it doing ? Is it broken or designed poorly or defective components or magic scratch the last one. How about the random waves floating around the Earth ? Well forget all of that I have a circuit that with a digital meter that will read to .1 uA and I have a circuit that shows 0 on that meter what is running the LED’s at that point ? test equipment hooked to any part other than  the current draw causes the current to increase and at that point you can not get an accurate reading or wave form. So on to answer some questions.

1.Q. Well then I have the coil wound incorrectly. I followed your directions above, using 26 gauge(but coated telephone wire) for the inside coil and 22 gauge magnet wire for the trigger coil. If I disconnect the trigger coil, the lights still light and draw 10ma, also if I remove the 4700uf cap, everything still works good with a 10ma current draw. Removing the lights I have a 8ma draw.

A. the coil should be wound with 20 – 24 gauge magnet wire as you see the wire size does matter and the type  I have found that there needs to be a certain  DC resistance to the coil and it can only be a single layer for it to work right. Also it must bifilar wound  for it to work. The output needs to be  the same or smaller grade of wire but the turns should be around  1: 1 or greater more turns equals more led voltage . This is what causes high current draw.

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Life version 2

I am sorry about not posting anything but my daughter needed me to help her see the following post.


I am sorry for not being more on the post but my daughter was shot with a 40 cal. through the stomach. I will continue to work on this but my first priority is her. She told me when she woke from surgery that God said it was not her time but the doctors said she died several times so just saying have faith and peace in your heart.

The internet does not exist where she lives at so no post are what happens I did read the comments and answered the questions people had so I hope it helped I am  however moving and will have internet access so I will be able to post again.

You can e-mail me at and I will get back to you no spam please as that will get your email address sent to /dev/null

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arduino based light driver (any)

I have been working on a driver that gets it’s trigger from an Arduino board. The thought is that you can get a stable pulse from it to trigger a MOSFET that drives the coil. It can control the on / off time of the coil and with unique coil design offers programmable  brightness as well as other functions while still having the high LED counts. I will post a video of this setup to show what I am talking about while the NANO board I used has a 25 mA current draw I am able to get full luminescence at 35 ma with high LED counts of 400 – 800 or    5 to 50 watts for 0.4 to 0.5 watts. This eliminates the need for precise coil dynamics that the lightsaver called for. The setup is digital output  connected to the gate of the MOSFET with the diver side of the coil attached to + and the drain while the source is connected to ground. I used a IRFZ44N to drive it although any suitable MOSFET could be substituted. Option could be daylight sensor and brightness controls. The use is for shop lights or bluetooth interface to control it from a smart phone or  such.

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