The Unified Manufacturing Platform

I have come to realize that many people have many great idea’s but do not want to release them to the corporate example I have an idea for an environment scanner but know as with my father they will come up with one reason or another that you should just give up and let them have it.  Now I am not against them making a profit but why should we. Why can we not just create a machine to make that device we want or in a remote section of the World be able to make devices they need. I have came up with such a device that will create electronic boards, 3d plastic printing, coating application, cnc milling, and point to point wiring.

It would use a common X,Y,Z table with a multi tool head that is static. You could then use it to create chess pieces  to cell phones or small engines and turbines. It would destroy the global model and make it a local model. Suppose that you could order a new environment scanner that was made by your friend or family member and no need to go to a store or order it online causing shipping headaches  or build some artifact from the past that can not be bought.

So to start this project I will first construct a 3 axis table then move onto the tool head portion of the device. I will not release any code or design info on this device but will allow collaborators to have access after  they return a NDA to me as to insure that corporate entities do not try to beat us to production as with the light saver project. As a  side note I will be posting photos as construction goes on.

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American Drone

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The coming PURGE

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The paradoxical Earth

Definition of paradox

1tenet contrary to received opinion
2a :a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet is perhaps true
ba self-contradictory statement that at first seems true
c an argument that apparently derives self-contradictory conclusions by valid deduction from acceptable premises
3one (such as a person, situation, or action) having seemingly contradictory qualities or phases
The truth is our World is living in a paradox in that there is a system in place that uses the knowledge of the planet to coerce the population into a direction of someone’s control or direction. For example civil war statues have been around for one hundred years yet for some now it is an issue and the question EVERY PERSON SHOULD ASK is why now. I will give you another global warming has not been just a recent thing but if it were from man why now and why do they have to lie about the data to justify their proposals and theories why not just be honest about it. These and countless other points in life that someone with the knowledge of the globe could then plant idea’s into the public’s minds through a global communication network aka the internet. How could one or more  person’s use that to control us all well with A.I. you can so to speak. If you programmed a computer to run models for the current state of the planet using the
 groupthink model which by the way can be programmed into  Tensorflow  an AI model to learn how to control and direct the population of the planet among other uses that they (Google) deem useful. You see groupthink  in the end is everyone trying to conform to the will of the group even though it may cause irrational decisions or acts to occur that as individuals we know to be flawed and incorrect. So if you say had a single minded device that could know from millions of different injections of stimulants or idea’s based on the history of mankind. Suppose one person just had one tenth of mans knowledge they would in theory be in control of the world with superhuman abilities and power. They would not need advisers or such as they would see the simple truth that life was or is never meant to be complicated just enjoyed. Go read about it yourselves and you will realize that if someone told you to go kill someone you would for the most part tell them they are crazy but if an idea were floated that said this person lied or cheated with no proof odds are you will believe the group and why not everyone can not be wrong can they?
 So how do we fix this dilemma in our lives well as I said believe nothing you hear  and not much of what you see unless you were there to witness it yourselves. Although we can send things around the world in seconds it does not make them true neither does things on the brainwashing device aka the TV so in life as I said only go with the facts you know. We as a race could easily turn this around by turning off what ever and thinking for ourselves. Do not let people plant idea’s in our heads that in retrospect are flawed and most of all not of sound thought and reason. Above all listen to your gut instinct about things for you will find that to be the best gauge of right and wrong.
 I have found that through prayer to Our Father in the Heavens to be quite inspiring about events in life but that is me as I have a close relationship with him and listen to him when he talks. Above all have faith that his plan is bigger than all of us and for the most part he will only let happen what he will let happen and no more.
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The other side of life

We as humans tend to get caught up in trivial matters in life. Things that usually go unnoticed get everyone’s attention like say a name or picture or statue. The fact that is survived one hundred years means nothing or that it is an inanimate object, but that a small number of a population does not like it for it is at that point that it does have value but before it was neutral so to speak.  I find people who are against things I believe in to be offensive does that mean I get to tear them down and destroy them. Would that make me a better person or would that make things play out as they would have it.  I have said many times that I will never stoop to that level or be drug down to those things BUT WE CAN FIGHT BACK by doing all the things they do not like. A flag does not make the person but the implication of having it does make it known to others that you believe or at least understand why it was. The statues are what makes people famous but what they did. Our Father in the heavens destroyed whole towns and nations and maybe that is why they hate or fear God who knows. To believe some there or not there makes a difference matters not for we all must see past it to the true way to go. A way that see’s God’s path for all of us where peace and understanding guide us to the correct choice which is love for all … even the ones who believe that a symbol have hate or love or for that matter any power at all.

With Love to All


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Hacking life

If you search USPTO for “cybernetic” you will get 483 patents from the year 1975 to present and that is just cybernetics or if you goto DARPA  where they have found how to integrate Biological sensors into quantum devices as well as swarm technology just to name a few as well as hacking nature see Discovery ChannelUniversity of Oxford,  MIT  just for a small sample of the sickness that prevails  in our society. There are many more avenues they have chosen to pursue such as Lasers at DARPA or Human Clones well they say they can do it but we know that it with all probabilities has or hacking humans to achieve greater strength and powers so to speak.

When you put the two together you get terminator running around that look and act human  with lasers or whatever such as Magnetic pulse gun. Such things would not able to be stopped by most people in the world. Let us picture a swarm of whatever the flavor of the day is where they simply send a group of death machines into a town, game over.

We never know what they are up to but you can believe it twenty years past where we think they are not to mention the complete disregard of all I (we ) hold dear to our hearts.

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