When you have to have light

I have been working on the 1500 year light and found that not only can you lite two LEDs in series with 3 volts  but you can charge the battery with the same three volts. This is just preliminary results as the test is on going  but I ran the cell down to 2.749 volts then changed the circuit and after six hours of run the current reading is 2.770 volts. I have taken the fall of the coil to send a  about 7 volt spikes to the battery thus when it is not charging the driver coil the BEMF is charging the battery. I am sure that there is a loss but by feeding the battery with double the supply voltage we increase the power of the battery.


This is only preliminary info for non commercial use and is still in testing but I will need to post a photo of the coil for you to understand.

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Update on the 1500 year flashlight

I have been working on the 1500 year flashlight and am almost ready to release a build video with very common components and easy build directions .  The current incarnation of it uses a torroid  from a network cable wound with equal amounts (1.5 meters ) of #24ga. magnet wire clockwise wound and the lightsaver version 0.6a driver circuit. 0 uA current reading with a three white LED load hooked up to a 3 volt 240 mA lithium/magnesium rechargeable battery. With no readable battery use it is going to be hard to estimate lifespan but it will have something to do with decay of the metals themselves. As a side note the driver coil has a  0.25 volt pulse.

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1500 year flashlight

Initial results are as follows input voltage 12.0 DC current 25 uA driving a 2.24 watt load but this could only be achieved with a 1k ohm resistor in series with the load so I am changing the coil dynamics slightly where I can make a single LED driver of .09 uA or less where as a 1.5 volt battery would last about 1000 years on a single AA battery. As I would say game over.

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New Transformer Design


This is the new circuit you will have to wait to see the coil but very impressive results

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Creating the BORG

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WW3 the new war

In this time we are witness to the new war where no bullets are shot or solders are used but a different kind where science and technology are used. This war involves weather and control of it. There is a reason for the fact we have not had a land falling hurricane in ten years, to put simply the ones in control of the weather did not want this but as with any new forms of control others wanted it too. Everyone knew it would only be a matter of time and what is transpiring now will show what the future holds. Why waste material goods fighting someone when all you have to do is cause devastation to them with an invisible weapon of weather. Pay attention to unfolding events and you will see the results of the new war where devastation from it will happen. Russia Orders Ships Away From American Waters, Warns “Storm Of Century”  and their basis for this is the following The Effects of Space Weather on Hurricane Activity   or you watch this video

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Paradise on Earth

I being a person of this planet on the World we inhabit in an unremarkable solar system dwelling in a spiral galaxy have but a few notes I would like to pass along to everyone. The first of which is we are all humans above and beyond all else for there is no person better than the other, not through luck or provenance or chance, we are the same a body with a soul from  our Father in the Heavens. No person is entitled to any more than the other for we are equal in his eyes and different at the same time. There is no mystery in the universe we can not overcome given time for the combined power of all is far greater than the single or limited minds of a few. When love and compassion is the rule not hate and evil the way of the World would change, our priorities  would change. We would most probably choose to follow paths that turn our planet into paradise not a ruined heap as we are heading now. There have been people who were able to survive with just what this planet provides and flourisher while they were doing it. They would make derisions not in days or years but generations as we should do now for it at that point we will realize that there is no problem that hard to overcome but with a little faith and time. If we reach a point in this planets life without blowing it out of existents we should call ourselves lucky and be great full for that and fall to our knees and that GOD for that chance. Everything we say we need is not needed but for a little food to keep us alive all else is but padding for our lives and gets us no where.

So I say in closing we need to reset our goals from failed governments and laws to nature and it’s laws for it holds the last card not us.

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